Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Defending business interests under threat sometimes requires initiating litigation.

Protecting business interests under threat sometimes requires initiating and/or defending litigation.

We understand that commercial disputes are critical matters needing a solid appreciation of business and legal aspects involved so that you arrive at the best outcome.

At Osei-Ofei Swabi & Co., Our civil litigators are qualified in all aspects of dispute resolution including commercial civil litigation, arbitration and mediation. Our skilled and experienced lawyers approach every case holistically and provide individualized legal strategems, with a view to making the process smooth and cost-effective for you.

Our firm’s litigation expertise has been built over decades of working on complex cases across a large spectrum/cross-section of legal fields, which assures you of receiving the best possible legal counsel. Our firm has been ranked by various international rating agencies for its work in civil litigation, arbitration and insolvencies after receiving positive reviews and affirmations from clients who have utilised our services.

Services Offered

Our team of civil litigators are proficient in handling disputes in areas that include:

  • Contractual Claims
  • Commercial Civil Litigation
  • Landlord/tenant Disputes
  • Construction Disputes
  • Enforcement of Property Rights
  • Foreclosures and Repossessions
  • Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
  • Enforcement of Constitutional Rights
  • Defamation
  • Franchising Disputes
  • Competition and Anti-Trust Issues
  • Tax Litigations

Osei-Ofei Swabi & Co has the resources to conduct

  • Commercial Litigation Pursuing and Defending Causes of Action in Negligence
  • Nuisance
  • Defamation
  • Intellectual Property (Patents, Copyrights, Designs)
  • Trademarks Infringement and Breach Confidential Information
  • Debt Recovery
  • Contractual Claims and Misrepresentation
  • Insolvency and judicially management matter(s)